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Back Pew Brewing and Packaging Service offers a wide variety of manufactured products. Through our brewing and packaging services, we manufacture products from traditional beers to seltzers, pre-mixed cocktails to energy drinks. We will customize a solution based on your needs, whether it be recipe development and documentation or matching your existing recipes and fulfilling your needs for expanded production capacity. The steps for a full brand development are as follows:

Recipe Development

 If you do not have a recipe, we can help you develop one or many around your desired outcome(s).

Pilot Trials

We will can down a one-barrel (31 US Gal) pilot run for you to experience the desired recipe for verification prior to going to the large-scale brewing.

Packaging Development

Although we do not currently offer in-house label design, we have several partners who we can put you in contact with to discuss developing brand identities and design. Of course, you may want to use your own, in which case we can be of assistance through our extensive knowledge and experience in label design.

Large-Scale Manufacturing

Once we have all the required packaging needs and formats defined, we will scale the developed recipe to be made in our 30-barrel brewhouse. We have several options for processing prior to packaging, and we offer kegging and canning services.

Business Development Consultation

Outside of manufacturing capabilities, we also offer consulting services on any of the above processes as well as plant design, equipment purchasing, and startup.


We have a 30-barrel, 4-vessel brewhouse system designed and built by Sprinkman Brewing Systems in Wisconsin. Our brewhouse provides wide flexibility in the styles of product we can produce and allows us efficient brewing for cost-savings we can pass on to you.

Head of Brewing and Operations

Robert Harl, Chemical Engineering PhD, MBA

Bobby’s passion for brewing started in 2008 on a home-brew set and has only grown from there. Over the past 15 years, Bobby has mastered the art of recipe development, and uses his extensive training and trial-and-error (as well as his taste buds) to create delicious beers for the many fans of Back Pew. Five years ago, Bobby started offering his consulting services with regards to brewing, TABC product management, and business acumen to other business-owners looking to enter or expand their market share in Texas. His product development expertise ranges from all types of beers to ciders, seltzers to energy drinks and beyond. This business is truly Bobby’s passion, and he’s looking forward to helping you create your own niche!

Head of Brewing and Operations

Beer Conditioning Capabilities

Beer Conditioning Capabilities

In the cellar, we have 4 different polishing options, which can be used depending on your desired outcome.

  • GEA Westfalia Centrifuge: This is a separator which allows for separation of larger molecules and particles from the product stream. Great for initial clarifying of the product, and can be the only polishing necessary depending on your goals.
  • Pall Lenticular Filters: We have three options for further clarification: coarse (for visible clarity and stability), fine (for removing standard yeast), and carbon (for the removal of color and aroma in seltzer or other water-type applications).

Packaging Capabilities

The conditioned, carbonated product can be packaged in one of two ways here: canned or kegged. Kegging operations are straightforward, and we typically use Type-D Sanke fill heads, however, we can accommodate alternatives to meet your needs.

Our canning equipment and process flow is as follows:
  1. Cans are loaded into our depalletizer for distribution to our canning line. We use a Ska Can-i-bus style depalletizer, which feeds a twist rinse equipped with deionized air knives to ensure the cans are free of debris prior to arriving at the filler/seamer equipment.
  2. After the twist rinse, we will date code the bottom of the can as required by you.
  3. The cans are filled with the product prior to having the lid applied and seamed. We are currently running a Wild Goose WG4 atmospheric filling canning line. We will be upgrading to a Pneumatic Scale Angelus 100R counter pressure filling/seaming system in October 2023, which will expand our speed of canning and carbonation capabilities while providing enhanced seaming quality.
  4. Once the brite (silver) cans leave the seamer, a label is applied.
  5. After going through the labeller (if applicable), the cans may have a paktech top applied prior to being packed into a case flat, or should you desire, we can pack them into the flats without a paktech should you prefer the cans to be loose for alternative packaging.

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