Updated 7/26/18

New hours! We are now open the following days/times
Thursday 5-9

Friday 4-9

Saturday 11-7

Sunday 1-5

As for holidays, you'll just have to check back in with us, but we try to notify you of closures via our site, Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other online means. If you're unsure whether we're open or not, you can always call ahead and check with us!


You have several options for purchasing beer tokens:

  • Get a 9oz glass + 4 pours for $12

  • Get a 16oz glass + 3 pours for $15

  • Show up with a Back Pew 9oz glass, and get 4 tokens for $9

  • Show up with a Back Pew 16oz glass, and get 3 tokens for $12

For all 9oz purchases, you get TWO white Saint tokens and TWO black Sinner tokens.

For all 16 oz purchases, you get TWO white Saint tokens and ONE black Sinner token.

Once you've used your initial tokens, you can purchase additional ones. 

NOTE: Please do not bring outside alcoholic beverages. We will always have water on-site.

Other beverages: Bringing in outside water/soda/gatorade is fine, but we will have to look through all coolers and things to verify no outside alcohol is brought onto our taproom site.


We will always have food trucks on-site on Saturdays, but we do allow outside food...so if you want to bring your own snacks, c'mon with it! We will start adding food trucks on other days as we see our attendence levels. Fridays may also be a good night for us, but we will see how it goes.

small people and Dogs

We are constantly asked: are brewery open days kid- and dog-friendly? To us, it's all relative. We are a brewery, and people come out to drink beer, so our primary activity isn't geared toward youngins or four-legged friends. That being said, we do welcome them! We have about 14 acres of space, we offer yard games, and you're welcome to bring pop-up tents and chairs for relaxing. We simply remind you that we are not a nursery or dog-sitting service, so please be responsible for any kids or pets you bring.


If there's one thing we have in excess, it's parking, which is pretty awesome. However, the spaces are on a grassy/sandy area that can get a little sloppy when it rains, so know that in advance. If awful weather ever makes our parking area unusable, we will explore workarounds (such as shuttles, for example).


We highly encourage you to still at least throw some folding chairs and maybe a pop-up in the car when you get here. We offer covered areas, but have limited numbers of tables so it never hurts to be prepared.

Feel free to bring games and activities. We've seen domino groups, card game groups, mobile disk golf holes, and many other things. As long as your game or activity isn't disruptive for our other drinkers, we welcome it.

One of the most fun parts of a day at the brewery is spending time outside...but it becomes much less fun when you're getting eaten by mosquitos or burnt to a crisp.