Finally, we can have you all out to the brewery! Our grand opening was a crazy success, so thanks to all who came out and supported us, either as volunteers, customers, or otherwise!

The style will be the same as the grand opening: buy the glass, use the tokens/tickets for the pours, food truck(s) there for food, and places to play and hang out outside.


We are open every Saturday from noon-5 unless otherwise stated both here, on Facebook, Google, Yelp, all the good ones! Mostly look out for odd hours around big holidays, or at least call ahead and check with us if you're concerned. 


The options you have at the door are this:

  • Show up, buy an 9oz glass +4 pours for $9
  • Show up, buy a 16oz glass +3 pours for $12
  • Show up with your Back Pew 9oz glass, buy the 4 tickets for $7
  • Show up with your Back Pew 16oz glass, buy 3 tickets for $10

For all 9oz purchases, you get two Saint coins (white) and two Sinner line coins (black). On the 16 oz pours, you get two Saint tickets and one Sinner ticket. You can buy individual tickets inside after you've come inside. NOTE: The glass has to be a Back Pew glass.

As for other beverages, we offer water with plastic cups for now. Besides that, extra beverages can be sold by the food trucks, but that is all we offer at this time. No outside beverages will be allowed in. We are working on changing this, but all things in time.


As of 2/27/2017, we now allow you to bring in outside food and provide a food truck. We still do not allow outside alcohol (wine, cider, other beer, sodas, etc.), but if you don't like the food truck or want to bring snacks, c'mon with it!

small people and Dogs

We are constantly asked: is this event kid and dog friendly? To us, that is a relative term- we are a brewery after all and people are coming out to try our beers. So the primary activity might not be for our two and four legged bundles of joy, however we do have ~14 acres to meander through, games, and you're welcome to bring pop-up tents and chairs to enjoy yourselves, so they are very welcome to attend (and do to a high degree). The one caveat is to remember the following: we are not a nursery or a dog sitting service, you do need to watch them in the brewery space!


Okay, so we actually have a lot of parking, which is pretty awesome. The parking is on a grassy/sugar sandy area though, so know that in advance. This does make our parking situation somewhat dicey when you have months straight of rain, but for the most part it dries our well thanks to all that sand. In the event of absolute downpour, we will work on extra solutions (ie a shuttle to take the drive to an offsite area where they can safely park and bring them back when you are ready to go).

Extra items

This is a space where we wanted to talk about what you can and can't bring, besides food and drink, which is covered above. We highly encourage you to still at least throw some folding chairs and maybe a pop-up in the car when you get here. We offer covered areas, but have limited numbers of tables so it never hurts to be prepared. Besides that, we've seen domino groups, card game groups, mobile disk golf holes, and many other things and we welcome them all unless they get super disruptive. One such example would be if you want to come and blow fire inside the brewery, we will likely ask to do it very much away from the main groups of people.

We will update it from here on out with our calendar and things, but unless we post otherwise this will be the trend. Can't wait to hang with ya'll on the Back Pew!