These beers are our more sessionable offerings. They’re lighter and easier to drink, but they won’t disappoint seasoned connoisseurs. 

Blue Testament

It may be the lightest of Back Pew’s offerings, but don’t call it a lightweight. Although this Pilsner may be our most approachable beer, it’s still crafted with passion to bring out the best in its every unique element. Nowhere else will you find a brew that combines traditional German flavors with the sweetness of Texas blue corn to create a light but rich experience. Every sip is like divine intervention on your palate.


Ages ago, the roggenbier was a celebrated style of beer enjoyed in countries across the world. But eventually its chief ingredient, rye, fell out of favor with brewmasters, and the style was considered dead. Now, we're giving it new life. The flavor of this resurrected brew is reminiscent of a hefeweizen, but with full, earthy tones and the perfect amount of spice. After centuries of lying dormant, the rye is beginning to rise again.

Sweet Salvation

Some things in life aren’t meant to be understood, only to be enjoyed. Sweet Salvation is one of those things…we like to describe it as a paradox in a glass. It’s a Brown Ale infused with a Porter’s qualities, it’s light despite a dark appearance, and its complex flavors craft a simple character. If dark, intense flavors don’t move you, give yourself over to the sweet taste of coffee and chocolate, balanced with the nutty notes of roasted grain. It’s everything we love about fall…in liquid form. 

Black Habit

We know black habits as the garments of pious people…but they can have a sinister air about them. That’s the spirit of our German-style Schwarzbier – it has the look of a Sinner, but the heart of a Saint. While it’s light and pleasant on the palate, the roasted grains bring a rich and complex character into the mix. Black Habit is also sessionable, so you can easily indulge in as many rounds as you please. 


These beers are an intense and unapologetic breed. They’re dark, bold, brazen, and not for the faint of heart…or liver.  

Brewed in a traditional German style, this deceiving bock drinks like a lighter beer, but conceals a dark nature. Just like its namesake, the Satyr’s Swill lures you in with a hint of sweetness before revealing its true potency. Feel free to let the flavors overtake you, but be cautious…the Satyr seeks your soul.

Act of Balor

The Back Pew Sinners are a dark and wicked lot, but we're not afraid to venture further down the path of the damned. That's where we find Balor, the destructive demon of Celtic lore whose works inspire brews that leave a lasting mark. When you pour a pint of our imperial milk stout, his spirit is unleashed in a sweet rush of roasted grains and black coffee flavors. This Act of Balor is the stuff of legend, but keep an eye open, for we may not have seen its full potential just yet...

The darkest of our offerings, this beer is aptly named after the darkest and deepest ring of Dante’s hell. When you descend into the flavor of this Black IPA, you’ll experience the true potential of a Back Pew Sinner…the seductiveness of roasted grains and the bitterness of potent hops come together to forge a beautifully dark complexity. Abandon all hope, ye who taste this beer.

The Hopostle is a devout follower of tradition. Brewed in the style of a classic American IPA, this beer’s dry profile helps bring out the citrusy potential of its hops. The absence of heavy malts means the hops make their presence known, but they don’t linger on the palate. And although the color is light, the high ABV betrays the Hopostle’s inner Sinner.